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Sutton's values

Sutton's PRIDE values are:

  • People-focused

    • Better together: We work collaboratively with colleagues and  partners, recognising that everything we do is for the benefit of our residents.​

    • Less judgement, more empathy: We treat people with respect rather than making assumptions about their needs or behaviour.

    • No decision about me, without me: We believe that everyone has the right to be involved in decisions that affect them.

  • Responsible

    • We think for ourselves and take initiative rather than waiting to be told what to do.​

    • We consider options carefully and make judgements, and then we take ownership of our decisions, knowing the risks.

    • We always act with integrity and can be trusted to do what we say we are going to do. We hold ourselves and our colleagues to account.

    • We take responsibility for continuing to learn and trying to be better at what we do.

    • We care about our impact on each other, our partners and our environment.

  • Innovative

    • We think creatively, look for solutions and solve problems.​

    • We are always looking for new ideas, learning from our own experiences, each other, and the best in the world.

    • We actively try new things; we understand that mistakes create opportunities to learn and we manage the risks that arise.

  • Diverse

    • We are passionate about everyone having the best opportunities.​

    • We carefully consider the impact of our decisions, and we always seek to act fairly.

    • We recognise that equality is about understanding that people are different and have different strengths as well as needs, rather than simply treating everyone the same.

  • Enterprising

    • We take advantage of new opportunities and manage risk effectively.​

    • We work with the market and with the community to make the best use of public resources.

    • We are robust in our business relationships to ensure that Sutton residents get good value for money.