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Smart City

We’re putting in the infrastructure to enable this stuff!

Why? Because a borough that is better connected through a public network, allowing inter-connectivity between business, public body organisations, customers, increasing collaboration and attracting more business, creating job opportunities.

Our Smart City strategy is aimed at being a collaborative, connected and responsive borough. Our plan is to use digital technologies and uses city-wide data to respond to our citizens’ needs. We have already started identifying the challenges we face in the borough and will improve outcomes for local residents, partners and businesses such as health/well-being, energy, connectivity, transportation, utilities and others.

Improved flows and interactions between the borough’s public bodies, will facilitate the smart and strategic use of information and data in order to develop services that are responsive to the social and economic needs of communities.

Examples of challenges that we hope might be tackled through the use of smart city technologies include:

Independent travel

Helping people who need support to travel on their own, whether young people or adults, and importantly, reassuring parents or carers of the safety of that individual traveller.

Air quality

Raising people's awareness of their own impact on air quality and encouraging them to change their behaviour.

Independent living

Keeping people in their own homes using smart devices such as Amazon Echo and also help those who are in supported living.