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Problem analyst

Position summary

Working in the Digital Customer Support team, you’ll be responsible for identifying, analysing, prioritising and managing problems through to resolution. This is a hands on technical troubleshooting role.

Salary: £37,842 - £42,684

Role purpose

The role reports directly to the Digital Customer Support Manager and its main purpose is to:

  • Own, manage and develop the Problem Management process

  • Reduce the operational cost and customer impact caused by Problems or potential Problems and demonstrate that this reduction is being achieved through the Problem Management process

  • Proactively identify Problems or potential problems through leading or trailing indicators. Determine and initiate preventative measures, such as identifying and investigating suspect software and other components

  • Analyse Incidents and Problems to show trends and potential problem areas

  • Categorise and prioritise Problems and generate work packages to track their progress and assign relevant resources against

  • Manage the delivery of a permanent resolution or appropriate workaround to Problems, ensuring that action is taken to investigate and resolve them with minimal downtime to systems and services

  • Think beyond the fix of any given Problem to identify similar symptoms or patterns that could be proactively fixed

  • Create a Known Error record for any open Problems, including those which have workarounds but not a permanent fix

  • Track and report upon Problems, ensuring they are fully documented within the configuration management defect/problem reporting system

  • Maintain up to date information on major Problem resolution and communicate it appropriately

  • Be responsible for the Major Incident Review process and follow-on actions, including Lessons Learned

  • Support service level management on reporting against Problem targets in line with Service Level Agreements

  • Work with the Digital Customer Support Team to match unresolved Incidents against existing Problems and Known Errors

  • Ensure that Problems and Known Errors in systems and services being brought into operation are understood and managed in the same way as those arising from operational Incidents  

  • Work within the ITIL framework, ensuring that the Problem Management function interacts appropriately with the other ITIL functions (such as Incident, Change, Knowledge Management)

  • Work closely with the Digital Customer Support Manager to manage the Change Management function including running the Change Advisory Board meetings.

The person

In order to successfully deliver the responsibilities of the role, you will need to: 

  • Have strong technical abilities to be able to understand the key components of the infrastructure platforms, systems and services  provided to our customers

  • Have strong leadership skills, modelling a performance culture and constructively building achievement, confidence and skills in others

  • Question and challenge conventional thinking, with a continual eye on the bigger picture in terms of the corporate context and external environment  

  • Role model agility and adaptability in mindset and ways of working 

  • Work successfully with key stakeholders including Members, residents, businesses, communities, partner organisations and other public services 

  • Demonstrate commitment to own personal and professional development to meet the changing demands of the role 

  • Demonstrate a high level of innovation and creativity.



  • A track record of taking problems through to resolution in a systematic and cost effective manner

  • Experience with the use of service management tools for the recording, progressing and reporting of problems and incidents

  • Extensive experience of investigating and analysing problems to determine the root cause, and of researching, recommending, planning, documenting and implementing remedies

  • Use of reporting tools to extract data and analyse results

  • A strong broad knowledge of the complete IT ecosystem (hardware, databases, local area networks, operating systems, etc) and an extensive range of IT applications and service processes used within organisations

  • Familiar with the use of everyday desktop software

  • Proficiency with using Configuration Management for the precise control over IT assets

  • Excellent working knowledge and a champion of ITIL practices

  • A general awareness of software development and systems integration

  • Familiarity with the software development lifecycle.

Lead and Manager positions

There are a number of roles across the department at Grade I, J or K that are designated as Lead or Manager. These roles have a dual purpose in that they are expected to have specialist knowledge and skills within their own area and also play an active part in the operational management of their team. They will do this by:

  • Understanding and supporting the Digital Strategy 

  • Working with their line manager and other leads/managers within the team to manage the team workload

  • Directly managing a small number of reports and/or managing a virtual team working on a specific task or project

  • Managing other resources such as physical or logical technology/software and vendor services 

  • Providing appropriate analysis and reporting within their area of expertise

  • Coaching less senior members of the team both professionally and technically

  • Acting as a lead across the department and the wider customer base in promoting, communicating and developing their area of expertise

  • Seeking opportunities for innovation and collaboration

  • Demonstrating the culture and values on a day-to-day basis.


All Lead and Manager postholders (at grades I, J and K) are expected to be able to deputise for their line manager (typically an L or M grade).

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