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Our managers

David Grasty

Corporate Head of Digital Transformation

David is responsible for delivering Digital Transformation across the councils. He started off his career in IT as an analyst programmer in the private sector in the late 1980's, and moved over into local government in 2008.  
He's looking forward to the challenge of ensuring the councils live up to their commitments to the Local Digital Declaration and in helping drive change.

Andrew Kelly

Corporate Head of Digital Delivery

Andrew is responsible for Digital Delivery, which includes Digital Customer Support, Cloud and Platform Infrastructure and Operations, and Application Management....

Alison Bellamy

Strategic Consultant - Digital and IT

Alison's passion is harnessing the opportunities that technology can provide to enhance the everyday experience of receiving and providing public services. Currently her key areas of focus are: leading this recruitment campaign; establishing the digital apprenticeship programme; supporting the delivery of the digital strategy; helping transform the way that the Digital and IT service plans and delivers services; supporting the development of an application roadmap as part of the preparations for moving to the cloud; and developing a learning and development resource centre.

Deborah Webb

Digital Customer Support Manager

Deborah is responsible for overseeing the delivery of end-to-end customer-facing Digital and IT support, including digital literacy across the Councils.  Since starting in Local Government in 1981 Deborah progressed from Network Engineer for the Kingston & Sutton Joint Computer Dept. to managing technical support teams in both local government and the private sector. She’s looking forward to delivering Service Desk, Client Support and Pop-up IT - as well as managing our Change and Problem Management functions.

Margo Howard

Enabling and Emerging Technologies Manager

Margo leads the Enabling and Emerging Technologies team which comprises data management, GIS, software development, emerging and enabling digital technologies. Having spent over 30 years in the IT industry, Margo started out as a developer before moving on to a range of project management and line management roles in the private and public sector. Her team are playing a key role in our digital transformation programme including data matching/cleansing, systems development/integration as well as innovating with new technologies and leading a programme to enable digital literacy throughout the councils. 

Rob Cremer

Portfolio Manager

Robert is responsible for the delivery of our portfolio of programmes and projects. Working in local government since 1990, he moved to IT Service in Sutton from 1999. With a Programme of Digital projects in progress, Service transformation projects and new projects starting up to move our infrastructure to the cloud - it is an exciting time to be working on IT related projects. He is excited to be leading the team that will be supporting the delivery of projects the authorities need, as they go on the journey to redesign their services from a customer perspective.

Andrea Hurley

Application Manager

Andrea has over 30 years experience of working in Local Government in a variety of roles and 15 years in an IT Support role. Andrea is responsible for the overall support and management of the councils' applications and leads a team of 16 application support specialists. Her team provides management of the application ecosystem ensuring that service levels are met. She is passionate about delivering a high standard of service and continually working to find new and improved ways to modern the service. She is excited about being part of the delivery of the new customer platform project and championing the use of Google through education of the workforce. 

Jason Sam-Fat

Commercial Manager

Jason is responsible for overseeing the Category & Contract Management Team which leads on Digital & IT procurement needs and drives contract and supplier management, ensuring that the councis achieve the best possible outcomes from their commitments. Since joining the Kingston and Sutton's shared Digital and IT service in 2014, Jason has raised the team profile across the Councils through delivery of a number of unique opportunities and innovations with key major contracts and suppliers. Jason is looking forward to the next exciting phases of the organisations' digital transformation journey with the team and is passionate to deliver further innovation.

Keith Webb

Enterprise Architect

Keith leads the Enterprise Architecture function, which creates the technical strategy and roadmap that supports our digital aspirations for our customers and communities. Keith is excited by the challenge of architecting the transition of the service from the existing in-house data centres to the cloud.

Paul Whittall

Digital Design Manager

Paul is responsible for overseeing the delivery of digital design services and strategic digital liaison across the councils. Since starting in local government in 2005, Paul has held a number of roles across ICT, first starting as an ICT Systems assistant and then moving into project management, business partnering and finally heading up Digital Design. Paul has always been driven by helping to improve service delivery to our citizens, an interest shared by his team. He is looking forward to supporting the councils in their continued journey to improve customer experience and maximise the benefits of digital technology.

Rhian Allen

Information Governance and Records Manager

Since starting in Local Government in 2012, Rhian has held a number of roles across the organisation. Playing a key role in the GDPR implementation project has led to managing the new Corporate Information Governance team. She is excited to be leading this busy team and ensuring that our information governance strategies, policies, procedures and training are implemented across the council. 

Claire Brookes-Daniels

Digital Programme Manager

Claire has worked in the Public Sector for over 15 years working in Digital and IT for a number of local authorities delivering projects and transformation programmes. This has enabled Claire to bring the best practices and experiences to Kingston and Sutton. Claire's current role is to deliver the digital programme through a number of exciting projects which introduce new technologies to support the transformation of services. She enjoys the engagement with services and the communities of Kingston and Sutton through events and conferences.

Hugh Pollock

Programme Manager

As one of the Programme Managers within the digital portfolio team, Hugh supports the Portfolio Manager in ensuring that digital and IT projects are delivered successfully by the project management teams. Hugh's career spans 30 years within the IT industry where he has worked within senior operational roles for managed service organisations providing IT services to local authorities and the not for profit sector. Hugh has a wealth of experience in supporting the project teams that deliver transformation projects and is passionate about ensuring that projects stay on track to realise the anticipated transformation benefits.