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Let's Get Digital

Innovation and technology



We will become a leader in digital thinking across all areas of the councils, and increase the digital capabilities of staff right across the businesses. Teams will extend across colleagues and partners to create and support new digital services together.

What we have done

Prioritised and consolidated projects into a single digital programme that is required to deliver the principles of the Digital Strategy and preparing for transformational change in the future.

We are committing to invest further in the development of the staff in the Digital & IT service and across the Council, not only in the important technical skills that need to be kept up to date, but in the wider set of commercial and contractual competencies that are required to perform a technical leadership role.

What we will do

We will investigate the migration of our on-site data centres to the Cloud to ensure that we are able to be take advantage of the flexibility and resiliency that that offers and free the Councils from being tied to specific buildings.


Availability and resilience become key as we provide more services digitally, adopt flexible working practices, integrate data with our partners, and create a smart city environment. We will provide 24*7 availability and fit for purpose support for our services.


We will ensure that our applications are modern and fit for purpose, cloud based where security allows and reliable, commissioning following a Digital Design review to ensure we meet the Customer Journey.