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© 2019 Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

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Let's Get Digital

Digital initiatives

Our digital vision will be delivered by a set of digital initiatives guided by our aforementioned principles.

Our Customers:  Residents, businesses and visitors are the ultimate recipients of our services. We will consult and involve in the design of new and upgraded services.

What we have done

We have developed our processes and culture to meet the differing needs of our clients.  In designing new solutions, we have considered the requirements of all stakeholders, so that the principle of a single ‘Digital Platform’ can be delivered. Our staff will have a client and customer focus in all their work.

We are reviewing our services across the Council, identifying opportunities for Digital Transformation ensuring we prioritise to support the strategy, ensuring they become digitally inclusive to allow our customers and businesses to interact through the web and increase the ability to self-serve.

What we will do

We want to develop our workforce to ensure the have the skills to be able to use and be innovative with digital technologies.  Ensure that the communication between the business and IT is clear and consistent in putting the customer first.

We will communicate and share information regularly, openly and proactively to set expectations with the initiatives we are working and what outcomes they will deliver.


We will continue to enable and support our Digital Ambassadors across both Council’s to drive the innovation and change with all employees and partners.