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Let's Get Digital

Data and information



Information is the councils' most valuable asset. We aim to organise it reliably, accessible and securely so that it can be exploited to improve decisions and to drive innovation and automation.

What we have done

We have implemented an integrated and coordinated approach to Information Management that is aimed at enabling the organisations to exploit their information and knowledge to better achieve their objectives.


By managing information as an asset, maintaining it regularly and to agreed quality standards, we will be able to improve the value that the organisations can get from their information resources, leading to well-informed decisions and actions through good data, reporting and dashboards.

We continue to work with partners to maximise the use of data and systems for the benefit of the area.

What we will do

We will implement suitable systems, processes, interfaces and platforms to enable the councils to manage and publish their information easily and effectively. We will be more open and transparent with data across the councils, developing our open data portal to allow residents to access data in relation to information including:  health, education, environment, council spending, and contracts.


We will develop close relationships with counterparts in partner organisations such as the NHS and the third sector to agree common shared collaboration tools and practices based on industry standards.


We will recognise investments in open data, open standards, and open software as an investment in the public good by enabling code and tools to benefit the wider community.


We will share data by default to encourage open innovation and published APIs will be required of our suppliers. ​


We will develop the skills required to ensure that we are getting the best value from our data and enable us to turn it into information, insight and intelligence.