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Cloud and platform operations manager

Position summary

As part of the management team, you’ll be responsible for the overall management of the technology infrastructure, resources and technical projects, ensuring that agreed service levels are met and all relevant procedures are followed. This management role is critical to the delivery of the councils' Digital Strategy. 

Salary: £54,597 - £59,823

Role purpose

The Cloud and Platform Operations Manager role reports directly to the Corporate Head of Digital Delivery and its main purpose is to:

  • Provide management of the technical infrastructure, ensuring that agreed service levels are met and all relevant procedures are adhered to

  • Take responsibility for the design, procurement, build, installation, upgrading, operation, control, maintenance and effective use of IT infrastructure components and monitor their performance

  • Assure the physical and logical security of ICT systems - compliance with PSN, PCI and Cyber Essentials 

  • Manage cloud based services ensuring delivery of operations meets business needs 

  • Ensure that all cloud operations are secure, resilient and reliable

  • Lead on the improvement of service and component availability and capacity, including the investigation of all breaches of availability targets and service non-availability, with the instigation of remedial activities

  • Assure fit for purpose datacentres and network distribution rooms where they still remain

  • Ensure that the Councils innovate with future infrastructure 

  • Operate, manage and contribute to operational procedures for Recoverability, Availability, Capacity and Security Management. 

  • Act as the owner of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans (DR) from a technology viewpoint

  • Plan arrangements for disaster recovery together with supporting processes and manage the testing of such plans

  • Operate and contribute to the Release Management processes

  • Act as the owner of the production environment and ensure quality through the strict use of the Release and Change Management processes

  • Regularly review Operational Level Agreements (OLAs - internal), and/or underpinning agreements (external) to ensure that they are in line with SLA targets

  • Represent Cloud and Platform on the Change Advisory Board

  • Make best use of resources and time to deliver business benefit to the councils including flexibility in the resourcing approach that allows for variation in demand

  • Empower the team by creating a supportive environment for team members to excel at their roles and develop their careers within the department and the wider councils

  • Manage the rota for staff availability and out of hours support

  • Ensure that all documentation is written, maintained and executed to the highest standards and act as a champion of the Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Work within and act as a champion of the ITIL framework

The person

In order to successfully deliver the responsibilities of the role, you will need to: 

  • Have strong leadership skills, modelling a performance culture and constructively building achievement, confidence and skills in others

  • Question and challenge conventional thinking, with a continual eye on the bigger picture in terms of the corporate context and external environment  

  • Role model agility and adaptability in mindset and ways of working 

  • Work successfully with key stakeholders including Members, residents, businesses, communities, partner organisations and other public services 

  • Demonstrate commitment to own personal and professional development to meet the changing demands of the role 

  • Demonstrate a high level of innovation and creativity.



  • Experience in the management of the processes, systems and functions in complex IT and cloud environments

  • Demonstrable, in-depth understanding of IT Infrastructure (hardware, databases, operating systems, local area networks etc) and the IT applications and service processes used

  • Experience in leadership at a strategic and tactical level to ensure that deliverables meet the business needs of the organisation

  • Management of 3rd party contracts to ensure delivery of products and services and to agree standards and timeline

  • Management of technical resource and operating in virtual teams

  • Experience of enacting digital transformation across an organisation

  • Budget management of infrastructure environments and staff to minimise costs and ensure cost-effectiveness

  • A track record of delivering excellent customer service

  • An ITIL evangelist

  • Solid experience in methods and techniques for risk management, business impact analysis, countermeasures and contingency arrangements relating to the serious disruption of IT services. 

  • Experience in the economics of service delivery such as the cost of hardware, software, and manpower used to deliver the service.

Lead and Manager positions

Each of the main teams within the Digital and IT department is headed up by an L grade post. Along with the department’s Assistant Director and two Grade M (Corporate Head of Service) roles, they form the leadership team for Digital and IT. These roles each have line management, budgetary and functional accountability aligned with the department’s specific services and goals. Each role will have a different area of specialism alongside their core management and leadership skills. 


This leadership team is expected to work as an integrated unit in the overall management of the department as well as each team member having areas of direct responsibility. Together this leadership team will:

  • Drive the delivery of the Digital Strategy and contribute towards its evolution

  • Promote digital opportunity both within the department and across the customer base

  • Communicate effectively and consistently with our stakeholders and staff

  • Maintain a stable, secure and sustainable service offering to our customers

  • Coach and manage the department to become a high-performing team with excellent staff satisfaction

  • Live the culture and values by leading with their own behaviour and team unity

  • Manage service and transformational demand, including appropriate funding provision.


All Grade L postholders are expected to have sufficient transferable skills and the management experience to cover for each other and to deputise for either Corporate Head of Service.

Full details of the Cloud and Platform Manager position

Apply for the role of Cloud and Platform Manager

Technical infrastructure and the Cloud and Platform team

The councils’ technical infrastructure faces a time of change. As well as both modern and legacy on-premise infrastructure, we are increasingly changing how we work to encompass cloud technologies and collaborative working with public and private organisations and with our communities. That means that our Cloud and Platform team must possess the skills to manage the traditional infrastructure, as well as the ambition and mindset to embrace and explore new ways of working.