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Let's Get Digital

A Digital Platform



We will create a Digital Platform, hosted in the ‘cloud’ and running the latest applications in a reliable, flexible and resilient way. The platform is software that underpins all future council services, and will provide clarity, responsiveness, consistency and security for our customers.

What we have done

We are ensuring strong governance of of our shared platform for the benefit of all clients, with common clear and consistent policies and processes making life easier for all.


We are sharing network capacity for the benefit of all clients, reducing costs significantly compared with dedicated links.

What we will do

We will deliver a Customer platform that will enable customers to book, pay, report and apply for services, quickly and easily at times that suit them.  Enable customers to have a better end to end journey, track progress and enable the Council to communicate easier.


We will ensure the highest standards of security while creating a flexible, efficient open platform that will reduce overall costs for the boroughs and their partners.  We will build once and reuse where we can across our environment.


We will work to establish an ‘Internet of Things’ network and review use cases for service delivery including:  parking/transport; street lighting; creation of new data; security; independent living; independent travel; supporting economic growth and business retention.


We will complete our adoption of Google G-Suite and continue to reap the flexibility and collaboration benefits of the applications. We will operate as Google First in our approach and push to increasingly integrate the suite with our line-of-business systems.


As services are increasingly delivered securely but more cheaply and conveniently in the ‘cloud’, we will grasp those opportunities, and it will quickly become our default delivery method. To create economies of scale, we will share our Digital Platform and services with partners, especially public and third sector.